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"Installation requirements" feature/tab is missing in Installshield 2020 R1


I'm currently evaluating Installshield 2020 with a Installshield 2020 R1 version and trying to create an installer with custom software requirements. But I can not find this "Installation Requirement" tab anywhere. According to the community it should be in Project Assistant -> Installation requirements or  Installation Information -> General Information -> Install Condition. But neither "Installation requirements" nor "Install Condition" is there for me. Please let me know how can I find this option to add custom software requirements and dialog box for it.

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Flexera Alumni

Hi @nakibul ,

You can enable Project Assistant by navigating to View menu->Select Project Assistant.




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Hi @Jenifer , Thanks for your reply.

I've already enabled Project Assistant. But I can not find the "Installation requirements" tab under Project assistant or even from Installation Designer. Is it not accessible for evaluation version like what I am using now Installshield 2020 R1 version?

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Hi @nakibul ,


That is weird,please share screenshot if possible.There is no such restriction on EVAL version.IS-Requirement.PNG

Attached snap for reference




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@Jenifer ,

Yes, that seems weird to me too after going through the knowledgebase and not finding the correct tab. Please havea look to the attached screenshot.

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Hi @nakibul ,

If your project type is of Installscript,this feature is limited.

Project: This information applies to the following project types:BASIC MSI,InstallScript MSI,DataBase,Transform.

You can create customized installation requirements in the Installation Designer by using the product’s Install Condition setting. For this setting, you can create conditions that the Windows Installer must evaluate before launching the installation. For more information, see Setting Product Conditions.

  • If you want to achieve this functionality via installScript,it has to be done via scripting.Like checking the registry existence since installation requirement also involves same way using appsearch( with registry-locator)
  • You can add only OS platforms check for installscript project by navigating to General Information->PlatformFiltering



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Hi @Jenifer,

Thanks for the information. But if I go with the second option "Setting Product Conditions" page, is it also limited for InstallScript? Because here I also don't see the Installation Information -> General Information -> Install Condition tab. I have attached another screenshot.

Can you please lead me to any example page where I can take a look how to script that functionality?

Best regards,


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Hi @nakibul ,

  • You can pick early events like OnFirstUIBefore which you would find by navigating to Installscript view->select Before Move Data  from first combobox(Which you would see on top of installscript editor)
  • From second combobox, you can pick OnFirstUIBefore event.
  • There you can add function which can looks for registry existence to validate required software exists or not.Sample code would be:



function checkForSoftwareExistence( )

    STRING svDisplayName;

    NUMBER nvType, nvSize;










///If the value is found software exists else doesn't exist
MessageBox("<Appropriate Msg>",MB_OK);





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Hi @All ,

I am using IS 2019R3 and I see, the Tab

General Information View Settings\General Settings\Install Condition

is not being displayed for pure "InstallScript Project".

You can read in the help of IS2019 "Install Condition" is designed for project types like "(...),  InstallScript MSI ",

and not pure "InstallScript".