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"InstallShield Limited Edition" Project type not displaying in VS2012 after install

Hi, I have installed InstallShield LE 2013 on two servers(208R2 and 2012R2), both running Visual Studio 2012 with Update 4. On the Server that is running Server 2008R2 when I open Visual Studio I see under Other Project types=> Setup and Deployment a "InstallShield Limited Edition" Project type. However, even though the install showed no errors I don't get the "Setup and Deployment" option under Other projects on the Server 2012R2 machine. Any ideas what I am doing wrong or if there is something else I need to do?

For reference I have also tried uninstalling "InstallShield LE 2013" and re-installing, I have also re-downloaded but all to no avail. Apart from the different OS levels the other difference is that VS2012 on Server 2012R2 is not installed in the default folder (used default folder but changed the drive), whereas the VS2012 install on Server 2008R2 used the default location.

So any ideas of where I can look or other things I can try etc. gratefully received.
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Re: "InstallShield Limited Edition" Project type not displaying in VS2012 after install

are the installs of VS that same on the two machines?

what version of VS are you using, professional, premium or ultimate?

we have had a few people with this issue, but in every one of those cases they just had to shut down VS, uninstall ISLE and then reinstall ISLE.
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