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Level 4

"Install Only" Registry Flag gets disabled


In a Basic MSI project I have created some Registry Keys and values.

When I set registry Flag as "Install Only", it is working OK, but as soon as I create any sub key then InstallShield automatically changes flag to "Automatic" and 'Install Only' flag which I set is grayed out and it never allows to set it again.

Can somebody guide me how to set this Flag with sub keys as I want to preserve the registry keys throughout.

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Level 4

Does anyone knows this issue/solution for this issue?
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Level 7

Sorry to see no answer after four years.

I too would like to know how to get this option. I've found the feature is disabled even if I don't have keys below it.

Turns out if you put anything in the key, the feature is disabled. Kind of misses the point of wanting to keep it. More info here:
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