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Level 6

problem with the setup status dialog

So I posted this in the 2009 forum but nobody has even read it yet. Sorry for double posting but I am in need of help and I am certainly not going to get it if nobody even reads the thread.

cut and pasted from the OT:

the problem is that this dialog displays as normal in English. The default settings for Japanese however cause banners and text to display improperly. I was able to change these settings in the ui for InstallShield 2009 for other dialogs to correct the issue(License agreement and a few other dialogs had to be resized to match english counterparts). However, the SetupStatus dialog where you see a progress bar and files actually installing does not appear to be listed in the "All Dialogs" area of the ui.

Do I need to make manual changes to this in the setup.rul file?
How can I go about making these changes. Or is the dialog called something else and/or am I blind as a bat?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions anyone has to offer.

link to OT:
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Level 6

Issue resolved solution posted in original thread. I would still love to hear other suggestions if anyone has them
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