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problem while applying patch over patch.

Hi All,

I have created a Basic MSI project. We can say the version of this installeer is 1.0. Now I have created new version 1.1. For upgrading my product from 1.0 to 1.1, I have created a standard patch. When I applied this patch everything goes fine and patch replaces all necessary files. Fine upto this point.

Now, I have new version 1.2. So I had created new Standard patch which upgrade 1.1 to 1.2. When I am trying to appply this patch, it's not working for me. After successful installation of patch the files are not get replaced.

Can sommeone help me to sort out this issue ??

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Level 6

please have a look at the file versions(if they are versioned) and file modified dates(if unversioned). Also refer to file versioning rules.

Nevertheless also generate the debug verbose log. This will give idea about why files not getting overwritten.

to generate verbose debug file, use /l*vx parameters.
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