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Level 7

prerequisites not installing when in silent mode

We use silent mode to setup the whole image of our product and then customer use the ui version for updates. My prerequisites not installing when in silent mode is used.

Snippets from the log

MSI (s) (A8:D0) [17:08:55:189]: Doing action: ISInstallPrerequisites
Action start 17:08:55: ISInstallPrerequisites.
InstallShield 17:08:55: No features with associated prerequisites are being installed or advertised. Skipping prerequisites.

Any ideas what to look for?

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Level 9

Did you solve this one? That snippet from your log file is saying "no Features being installed have a Pre-requisite associated with it".

But, in your installer, are Pre-requisites associated with a Feature or set to "Install before feature selection". If the latter then I believe any relevant information would be in another part of the log file.

Also, when running the silent mode are you calling the Setup.exe with command line parameters passed to the .MSI or are you calling the .MSI file directly?


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Level 7

No I haven't solved this. It was just deferred.

My pre-requsites are associated to a feature. I believe that the UI is functioning because custom action ISInstallPrerequisites is in the UI sequence.

The execute sequence does not refer to it.

There is very little information on this subject.

command I'm using looks like this setup.exe /S"/Lv* install.log /norestart".
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