please help me.. problem in prerequisite...

In our product we needed some prerequisites like dotnet2.0,MS SQL Express.
I need to do system requirement check before this two components installation start. Is there any way i can do this ?

i tried the following solution but stuck,
1.created another setup.exe ,which will do the system requirement check and will abort its installation if failed.
2.added this setup file as a prerequisite to our product and chosen "abort the setup" in behaviour tab.
3.but during this prerequisite installation though it is aborted, in prerequisite IDE it shows status as "succeeded" and continues the next isntallation .

In which case this IDE shows status as "Failed". and how we can do that ?

please help ..
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Re: please help me.. problem in prerequisite...

Hello, I think you can manage these prerequisite without creating another setup.exe. They can be included with your original project.

.NET 2.0 is available from the Release view. Select your release item, then go to the .Net/J# tab on the right pane. All the options about .NET 2.0 are there.

About MS SQL express, go to the Redistributable section and select your prerequisite in the list.

It both installer needs to be downloaded before you can package them. You may also need to look in their property for more options.
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Setup Pre-requsites

There's also a fairly flexible 'Conditions' tab you can use in the "Setup Prerequisite Editor' (found in the 'tools' menu). Just add a condition.
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