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Flexera beginner

Condition Builder Dialog Box's Property List does not display all my properties

In my MSI project, I have created a custom public property called LICENSETYPE. Since the property is in uppercase I am assuming that it is a public property and therefore accessable throughout the project right?

I then create a feature that has a component associated with it. In the Feature I created, you can specify the condition for this feature. I click on the ellipses button to bring up the Feature Condition Builder. This dialog box has a conditions section, Properties drop down list and Operators drop down list. When I click on the Properties drop down list, I do not see my custom property that I have created. In fact I do not see all the properties that is stored in my Property Manager table. Is this a bug? According to your documentation:

In the section for the Condition Builder Dialog Box for the Properties control, it should list all of the properties stored in the Property Manager.

I want to install this feature if my Property LICENSETYPE = 0. If the LICENSETYPE = 1, then I do not want this feature installed. Its pretty straightforward, but no matter what the LICENSETYPE is set to, my feature gets installed everytime. The LICENSETYPE property is set via a custom action or from a GUI dialog box.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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Custom property

How did you create the custom property? Add it as a Custom Action, or into the proeprty table?

if the latter, sometimes you need to exit and re-enter the application for it to be registered.
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Flexera beginner

Custom Property

I did it using the Property Manager. I can see my custom property in the Property Manager and the Property table. Even if I exit out of the IS application and re-start it again, my custom property does not get displayed in the Condition Builder Dialog box's Property drop down list.
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