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mutually exclusive features

Is it possible to create a Parent Product with several sub features that are mutually exclusive? For example if I have Product A with feature 1 & 2 and you can only have one or the other. So in this case if I select to install feature 1 can it disable feature 2? Further more can I have one set to disabled or rather "will not be installed" by default?
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Level 16

Nothing built in other then putting conditions on the Next Button's control events to block the transition to the dialog.

Something like

NewDialog NextDialog Not(&F1=3 and &F2=3)
SpawnDialog NotAllowedDialog &F1=3 and &F2=3

I threw that together so be sure to test it. This doesn't scale well though so I did once create a custom action that read from a table:

&F1=3 and &F2=3 Error Message Order1

Basically the custom action would loop through the table and append to the error message any time a condition evaluated to true. Then it returned and figured out where to go from there.

DoAction CustomAction 1
NewDialog NextDialog Not ErrorMessage
SpawnDialog NotAllowedDialog ErrorMessage
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Level 6

Thanks for the reply I will give that a whirl
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Alpesh wrote:

Also try looking at this kb article -->

This may help.


Thanks for the reply Alpesh but your link does not appear to work?
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