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msvcrt.dll Cannot add to project files

When I try to add file of msvcrt.dll (Which found under my Java Jre/bin directory) program crashes. Is it a known problem? How can I solve this?

I'm using demo version of InstallShield Express 2013.
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Level 3

ScreenShot is inserted below.

Also When I try to do this same process over Visual Studio 2012, VS stops working and shutdown.
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Level 6

I had the same problem and flexera support logged it as a bug. I was able to add this file through dynamic file link.
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Level 3

Thanks for your help Alibaba.

But I wonder that Why this bug has not solved yet? It is seen at 2012 version, also at 2013 version? Also I got the updates of 2013 it is still here. Express, Premium, Professional all of the versions have this bug.

For a product which has 2K $ price, it is very disappointing situation.
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Level 17

Since Windows 2000, Visual C++ 6.0 run-time components are installed as part of Windows operating system, and they can only be updated through operating system updates and service packs for the operating systems. Therefore, MSVCRT.dll should not be included in your installations. For a CRT shipped with newer versions of Visual C++ such as MSVCRT80.dll, InstallShield 2013 SP1 includes the following setup prerequisites:

Microsoft Visual 2005 C++ SP1 Redistributable Package
Microsoft Visual 2008 C++ SP1 Redistributable Package
Microsoft Visual 2010 C++ Redistributable Package
Microsoft Visual 2010 SP1 C++ Redistributable Package
Microsoft Visual 2012 C++ Redistributable Package
Microsoft Visual 2012 Update 1 C++ Redistributable Package

Hope that helps.
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Level 2

I’ve tried InstallShield Express 2015, but ran into a problem with merge modules. Upon looking into the problem on the Flexera Community site, I see that installation of certain modules is no longer supported.
As one of my most successful products was written with Visual Basic 6.0 (as are millions of others), the software is of no value to me, or to the many people still using VB6.
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