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Level 4

minor upgrade

Hi all

I have a problem with minor update because some file of component doesn't update. Project is InstallScript MSI.For update I just change package code and product version in release item and product version in general information too.

Thanks for every answer
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Level 10

Did the files in your components change according to the Windows Installer versioning rules? (Versioned files changed to higher version numbers, non-versioned files date/time stamp changed, non-versioned files not modified by user, etc.) If you haven't, you might try logging the upgrade to see if that gives you any clues as to why the particular components didn't upgrade.
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Level 4

I read something about windows installer versioning rules in InstallShield's help and I knew process how overwriting file and components during update. If a key file is set, the component is allowed to install when requested in the following situations:

1.The key file is a versioned file and has a higher version than an existing file on the machine.
2.The key file is versioned and has an equal version compared to the existing file on the machine.
3.The key file is unversioned.

So, I use key file for every component but for linkage files into project only(I create file *.kf, afterwards in components/file item set this file like key file and set dynamic file linking).How can I versioned this file?
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