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merging or running 2 exe's

I am new to Installshield.
Our product has a setup.exe and server.msi.(If I am not wrong,the exe calls the msi.)
The problem is I have to run another exe after our product installation and that should not be a manual installation. It should quietly happen after my setup.exe is run.
Is there a way that I can run these two exe's one after the other without knowing that the second exe is run. It is something like I run two exe's with the help of one exe.Can I modify using tools like ORCA or Superorca or any other new tool etc.
Please re-direct me to the correct path if I am anywhere wrong.
Thanks for your help in advance.
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I´m trying something similar, did u find a answer for this?
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Hi There,

My recommendation would be to try creating a custom action with the following settings:

Install Execute Sequence: After InstallFinalize
In-Script Execution: Immediate
Return Processing: Asynchronous

Now, it may be that the executable contains an MSI package. In which case, this won't work, and you'll have to probably use a batch file that runs one then the other in sequence.
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Thanks Cary.
Yes, I have tried the same custom actions wizard to fit in this requirement long back. It worked with few modifications.
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