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line Segmentation fault errors / error 139

We have been building multiple releases for a long time with no problems. In the last week we started randomly getting line segmentation fault errors on our builds. We aren't sure what is causing the error. Is error 139 well known? if not, is there a way to have installshield be more verbose about what it's doing when it hits the error?


Here is an example below:


Component: Icon// line 94: 39937 Segmentation fault nice -20 *$ISCMBLD* -v -P *${WBASE}\\${BNM}.ism* -l PATH_TO_EN_FILES='j:\win32\newclient\bin\en' -l PATH_TO_FR_FILES='j:\win32\newclient\bin\fr' -l PATH_TO_NEWCLIENT_FILES='j:\win32\newclient\bin' -l PATH_TO_BIN_FILES2='j:\win32\newclient\bin' -l PATH_TO_BIN_FILES3='j:\win32\newclient\bin' ERROR InstallShield winforms dotNETclient error detected ERROR - > 139 < ERROR Error building the dotNETclient EXE Installer

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Flexera Jenifer

Re: line Segmentation fault errors / error 139

Hi @rmcgee ,


Looks like error-139 is related to media/component/file password not matching with the expected one.Is that the case the password you are using to connect to remote/network system got changed(Associated to specific component)?

About logging question hope it is installscript associated project,if so:

To enable InstallShield trace logging, add the following registry key (case insensitive):

3. To specify a location other than the Desktop for the trace file:
Add a registry string value named 'FileNamePath'.
The value data is the full path and name of the trace file to created (e.g. C:\PathToTraceFile\setuptrace.bin).  

4.You have to send that file to support to view in readable format or upload here




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