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license question keeps popping up

Hi, We use installshield 2019 Premier. I installed it and licensed it. I got a n activation complete screen. But when i start Intallshield again, i get the license quenstion evry time. how do i solve this? Regards, Evert

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Hi @chess100 ,

Can you recheck the activation code once again, is it for the IS 2019 Premier edition. And what edition of Installshield 2019 is running on your machine.

Did you tried to reactivate, if so what error you are getting while reactivating. 

If the activation code product details and your installed IS details are matching, can you try to do the offline activation, by running the below command: 

"c:\Program Files (x86)\InstallShield\2019\System\TSConfig.exe /activate /no_internet"

And upload the activation xml got from the activation window at the below link, save the response xml and upload it back in your activation response window.


Still, the problem persist you can contact the Flexera support:

Or you can also contact via mail,


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No luck


Tried the activation in admin mode did not work either.


I'am going to contact support on this not sure which version we have.


Regards Evert

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