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Level 4

launch msi installer

I am new to Installshiled and learning to build the package.
I am creating basic MSI installer for my appliaction. I want the CrystalReport to be installed on target machine.
I have included cystal report msi package through custom action and sequences. I chose to luanch msi package as action type.
Still i couldn't see the Crystal Reprot component installation on target machine.
What am I missing? What else i need to do?

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Level 6

Hi Gajesh,
How are you installing the crystalreports msi?
How are you calling the msi from within the package? Is ther any condition on the custom action?

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Level 7

Because of the difficulties involved in parent/child MSI packages, some described here, use a Prerequisite instead.

See the help topics, "Designing InstallShield Prerequisites" and "InstallShield Prerequisite Editor Reference".
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