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I am using Install shield 2010 for creating installer for one of my windows application. In this, during installation just before installation complete below text is displayed above the installation status bar. After this text is displayed installation completes successfully and there is no issue in that installation. But I need to figure out and solve why this text is coming.


During Compile(or)Build of my installation project, I am NOT getting any error or warning. Its actually 0 error, 0 warning.

Based on my analysis, I think I am missing with some string in my "String Editor", but could not find which one!!

Can anyone please help me on how to solve this problem.

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Hi sureshkumarramu,

Check the position of the String in the Dialog and open the DialogView in your IS project. Select the text on the correct position in the correct language!
Open the Direct Editor and search for the string ID you had found in the properties of the text label.
Resize the ID column to maximum. I encountered this problem during coping a string in the Direct Editor. In my case at the end of the ID was a '1' added.
Maybe it is the same problem in your project?!

Cheers Jörg
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I believe this happens when you use a Property in a dialog's text box that you do not have defined in the Property Manager.

At least his is what I see in my case, I have properties that are set after the Destination dialog box.
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Hi Jörg,

Thanks, for the information. I have solved the issue based on your comments.


Suresh Kumar Ramu
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