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is msi-file needed after installation?


I created single executable file for installation - setup.exe. For reference: the project file name is Aurix.ism. I launch setup.exe to install my Aurix system. Then after the installation I try to start the application and see the message box: "The feature you are trying to use is on a network resource that is unavailable .... enter alternate path to ... the installation package Aurix.msi". What is wrong? Why is it looking for msi-file?

Thanks, Ilya
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Level 8

most likely you are seeing this because the component / feature was installed in an advertised or "run from source" configuration and it is actually waiting until the application is launched for the first time to install it completely.

If you do not want to allow a feature to be installed in this manner you can set the features Advertised setting to Disallow Advertise and the Remote Installation to Favor Local.
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