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installer welcome "next" button does not go anywhere

this installer is created by ismp 11.5

the welcome dialog next button and the cancel button do not go anywhere

any idea to diagonize this? thanks
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Level 8

what is the project type? is it installscript project?
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it is a uip

it generates .exe setup

it has those installshield java files to support the gui
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Level 4

You must have messed up the customcode directory location while building/compiling the uip. Make sure you include the CustomCode directory correctly and it should just work fine.
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what do you mean by custom code ?

example? any image?
thanks a lot
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Level 9

I know this is an older post but the code for all the buttons Back, Next and Cancel etc. are in the Main Frame to where the dialog resides: Begin, Cancel, Finish, Main...

if you click on one of those you see the tabs on the bottom, Swing Console and Silent - this is where the code is for the buttons for this group of dialogs.

Check your events tab for the particular dialog and see if there is any custom code to prevent the dialog from going to the next dialog like:

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