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Level 6

install mysql with options


I want to install mysql with my install package but I want to provide an option:

Install MySQL: Yes or No

so if Yes then it will install MySQL on the local machine as silent install?

can you please guide?
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Level 7

create an custom action to call an sql installation silently.and after install welcome create an custom dailog then add an radio button and in behaviour set next to custom action and as well as set to next regular dailog.
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Can you please provide the info little more clearly step wise for the following

1. Custom Actions: Need more info for this (Currently we are using Spring 2012)

2. In the Behaviour what are the things we need to provide in the conditions

Thanks for the help/time in advance

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Level 4

In Prerequisite,  there is an option to prompt user whether to install or not. If Yes is chosen then it will install or else the installation will skip

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Level 2

what kind of operating system do you have?

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Windows 10. But it doesn't matter what operating system we use.

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