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including another setup & controlling other setup path


in a Setup, which we created, we include the Setup of RealVNC Viewer Plus.

To control the target path, where the RealVNC Viewer Plus should be installed, we us a custom action and a *.inf file.

In the custom action we did the following assigment:

Filename & Command line = "[SETUPEXEDIR]\iAMT\vnc-viewer-plus.exe" /SILENT /LOADINF=[SETUPEXEDIR]\iAMT\vnc.inf

With our settings in vnc.inf we force the RealVNC Viewer Plus setup to be installed in our desired path.

In the most cases everything works fine. The RealVNC Viewer Plus is installed in the path, which we want.

In some seldom cases this doesn't work. And the RealVNC Viewer Plus is installed anywhere else and not in our desired path.

I long tests I figured out, that our created setup must be placed in the root of a disk or in a sub directory without blanks.

As soon as our create setup is loacated in a sub directory with blanks, the described error occures (RealVNC Viewer Plus. isn't installed in the desired path).


Now our question are:

1. Is the thing with the blanks the only reason that causes the described error?

2. Our can their be also other reasons, which also will lead to the described error?

Thanks in advance for helpful answers.
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Level 5

And I have another question:

3. Is their a way (work around / InstallShield Bugfix / or something else ... ) to avoid the describe error, even when the setup is started from within a sub folder, which contains blanks.

Please also answer my questions of the previous blog.

Thanks in advance for all helpful answers.
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Flexera Alumni

Correct, it could be the case that the /LOADINF switch to the VNC-viewer executable won't work if the path contains spaces, in which case you might change that part of the action's settings to:


Whether an executable requires quotation marks around arguments with spaces depends on the executable.
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