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how to uninstall previous version during installation

I have old version 1.0 installed, when I installed 1.1 version, Installshield 2011 does not remove all the previous files.
I saw version 1.0 & 1.1 in the "Control Panel"/"Add Remove Programs".
How to remove all the previous files and remove version 1.0 under "Control Panel"/"Add Remove Programs" during new installation?
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Re: how to uninstall previous version during installation

You have to tell msi2 that msi1 is a previous version. How you do that?

Both msi have upgradecode property. Ok in msi2, find upgrade table. Create a row with the msi1 upgrade code, fill in the versionMax field with the same value from msi2 ProductVersion property and attribute something like 1, so it removes the previous version. In the actionproperty enter a caps name that will be the property where IS keeps the code to the previous version.

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