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Redistributable not installing under Win 7


I've been trying to make this work for some time now and I can't figure it out. I want to force the installation of VC++ 2005 on the client machine. I have a specific Redistributable version, so I tried the following:

- Create a new .prq file with my redistributable and include it as "Install before feature selection" or "Always install".
- Create a custom action that execute the redistributable installation at some point in the process.

Nothing of this is working. Actually, it is working fine for Win XP, but not for Win 7. The redistributable installation is just never launched. No errors, nothing, just nothing happens on the Win 7 machine appart from the installation of my application.

Some details:
- My PC running InstallShield is Win XP 32bits.
- My test PC that execute the installation for testing purpose is Win 7 64bits.
- My application that I want to distribute is 32 bits.
- Admin privileges are needed to install my application.
- Installation of my application always a success under Win XP. Redistributable gets installed.
- Installation of my application always a success under Win 7. Redistributable NEVER gets installed.

What am I missing???

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Re: Redistributable not installing under Win 7


If it don't work, you need to see the logs.
clean"%temp%" and run the installation
you can get the logs with the Collect tool and post it here
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