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how to change names in "Preparing to Install"


I am new to installshield, I am working on an issue caused by rebranding of our product, which uses an installer which is created by installshield. When the "Preparing to Install..." dialog box opens, we still see the old company name.

However, I dont see a .rul file for that dialog, and came to know that the "preparing to install..." dialog box is an installshield created component.

Where from the dialog box gets its product name and company name data , so that I can change the data?

Example(for product def of company abc):
Dialog box text:

abc def is preparing the Instalshield wizard, which will guide you through the program setup process. Please wait...

I want to change the abc, and def to ABC and DEF
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Re: how to change names in "Preparing to Install"

My experience is with Basic MSI projects. In those projects all you need to do is change the ProductName in the General Information\General tab and the Publisher in the General Information\Add or Remove Programs tab.

Note: However, this will only change the Publisher in the default language. If you support other languages in your application, you need to go into those languages and change the COMPANY_NAME field too.
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