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hide the features through radio button

Hi All,

I am using Install shield I am creating two wizards one is for Custom action selection wizard and another for custom set up wizard, in the first wizard i am adding three three radio buttons (app,web,both)and another custom setup wizard showing features are( app and web) .My requriment is if the end user select the radio button app in the first wizard in custom set up wizard only app feature only want to show  web feature want to not show like if the end user select only web in radio button in custom setup only show web not shown app like i want need



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Level 3

So Let me clarify first 
you need to show only app setup screen if user have selected app in radio box of custom action selection
and only web screen if web is selected 
And both the screens in any order if the option both is selected 
am I correct in understanding your query ?

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yes exactly

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You will have a property for the radio boxes and checking a particular radio box assigns a certain value (if not configured by you) to that particular property. Now you need to use that particular property variable that is mentioned or created by you on the next button property and add a new dialog for 2 conditions one will contain condition for your 1st screen with respect to the current radio button property and same for the second now in case of both you have to mention suppose the first radio button so condition will be like RADIO_PROPERTY = "OPTION1" or "OPTION3" chose the dialog below it to the desired dialog for OPTION1 RADIO_PROPERTY = "OPTION2" chose the dialog below it to the desired dialog for OPTION2 and for the screen1 next button you might need to add another new dialog action property to navigate to screen2 incase OPTION3 is chosen i.e. both in this reference.