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Level 4

help - checkbox option text in sdFinish

I have the sdFinish dialog displayed at the end of my istall. I have an option which reads "I would like to register to recieve email notifications about product updates."

SdFinish (szTitle, szMsg1, szMsg2, szOpt1, szOpt2, bvOpt1, bvOpt2);

But, the option is truncated when this dialog is displayed during installation because it is too long. I looked around in the documentation but I could not find any help to display the entire checkbox option text either in a smaller font or in two lines. I tried using a "\n" but the option text is still displayed truncated and doesn't display the entire message in the next line. Is it possible to edit the text properties in sdFinish options? Can i display the entire text in two lines? Any ideas?

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Level 6

It should at least be possible with a custom dialog. You can check this dialog in the ui editor, there you can see that the chckbox label has a fixed height and if the text is too long, parts are hidden. So, if you create a custom dialog with labels of greater size, they should show everything.
However, I also wondering if there is no other way to do that. Didn't found anything.
Greetings, Jo
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Level 6


you can make the option you do not like invible in the edit dialog layout.

good luck,
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Level 5

I got the same issue here.

I created a custom dialog and created a checkbox with a long text. However it will display only one line, even though I have set the height to a very BIG number.

I think this is the flaw of the custom dialog code.

I have to create a blank checkbox without a text, and then create a text box with the long text.
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