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error on Running 32bit MSI on win 7/10 32bit


I tried building an MSI project for x86 and every time i'm trying to install the package on a 32 bit OS i'm getting the error:

"This installation package is not supported by this processor type.Contact your product provider"

on an x64 OS it works fine.

i also tried building it for x64/Any processor but keep getting the same error..

any help appreciated,
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Level 17

If you are creating a Windows Installer package, did you verify that the Template Summary property contains the valid x86 processor value; Intel?
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Level 17

The Express edition of InstallShield configures the Template Summary property automatically. If one or both of the following conditions are true at build time, InstallShield creates a 64-bit Windows Installer package (in which x64 is specified for the Template Summary property):

  • The Files view in the Express project contains one or more folders or files that are configured to be installed to CommonFiles64Folder, ProgramFiles64Folder, or System64Folder.
  • The Registry view in the Express project contains one or more registry entries under the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE (64-Bit) node.
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