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error: -6213 Internal build error

I am trying to build an InstallScriptMSI project via VisualStudio. Everything is fine until I add about 50 'project outputs' from my VS projects...then I recieve the error when trying to build my install project:
ISDEV: error: -6213: Internal build error.

Anyone else encounter this, or find a solution?

Thanks for any clues!
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Level 2

Yes I have the same problem. And my VS2008 is crashing.

It has something to do with the dependencies. But dont ask me what, I am also still searching for an solution.

In my thread (from last week) there was the clue to turn off the dependencie scanner.
So I dont us Installshield as a subproject in VS anymore. for me its is now better (and it worked) to create a Installshield project and include all files and dependencies manually.
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