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dll missing from Web Service Extension

I recently upgraded from InstallShield 2009 to 2011, and my Web Service Extension no longer gets created properly.

I have a Web Service Extension with a Full Path of


When I install it, the Web Service Extension gets created with a path of

C:\Program Files (x86)\FileVision (WEB & API)\FVWEB

Which is correct, except that it's missing "\jadehttp.dll" from the end, so it doesn't work.
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Level 3

In the IIS properties, use a script defined variable and at runtime you use the following function to set the value for script defined variable.

In the IIS setting, i have used the following
Full path to file :
In the script i have used the following.
TextSubSetValue("", TARGETDIR ^ "Test\\Test.dll", TRUE);

This should work.

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