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Level 3

combo box hidden on back event

I have a basic msi. I have a combo box that is enabled and visible. It is tab stop enabled and is set to tab stop 0. It is populated with text items and interger values. I have property is integer set to true.The property is SELECTEDMODULE. It is in the Property manager. I have a custom action that sets SELECTEDMODULE = 1 just prior to displaying the dialog. The dialog displays, the combo box is visible and the text associated with SELECTEDMODULE=1 is displayed ok.
I hit the Next button to go to the next dialog . I am not modifying the SELECTEDMODULE property. Then I select the Back button.

I return to the dialog with the combo box, but the combo box is not visible. If I pass my mouse over it, The combo box appears with the item for SELECTEDMODULE=1. I can also get the combo box to appear if I hit the tab key.
Why is the combo box hidden on the back event?
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Level 7

See if any other dialogs are overlapping in that case it will be only visible if you mouse over or tab stop.
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Level 10

the tab stop index is the drawing order for controls on a dialog. Make sure the background gets drawn first by setting the "Tab Next" to a lower value than the controls. This gets a bit cumbersome, since the tab order isn't stored as such in the Control table. Instead the Tab Order is determined by following the "Control_Next" on all controls such that they create an eventual loop. You can include controls in the tab order to enforce drawing order, but also set the Tab Stop to false so that they don't get focus on tab.
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