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Level 5

calling wordpad...

Hi all !

When i finished the installation of my release then i check the box of "see readme file" from "SdFinish" dialog.

but wordpad loads fine, however not find the file . I don't know what happened with this....

Please anybody knows to load the file "readme_ES.rtf" with wordpad ???

thanks 🙂

// Include header files
#define SZWORD PROGRAMFILES ^ "\\Windows NT\\Accessories\\wordpad.exe"

szProg1 = TARGETDIR ^ "readme_ES.rtf";
LaunchApp (SZWORD, szProg1);
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Level 7

Have you tried surrounding the file location with quotes?
Maybe your file location has spaces contained within it?
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Level 6

does this work?

szProg1 = TARGETDIR ^ "readme_ES.rtf";
LongPathToQuote(szProg1, TRUE);
LaunchApp (SZWORD, szProg1);
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Level 5


yes i fixed this, thanks both...

The problem was "LongPathToQuote", i forget putting this. Now, wordpad find this file correctly.

One Question:
I read the documentation about "Static Link File or dynamically", i'm confuse about this. What is the main diference about both?.
So it is recomended to use Static File or dynamically?
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