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Make 2 features mutually exclusive

Is there a way to make 2 features mutually exclusive without using scripts, so that the user can choose either feature but not both?
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I think it's possible to do that with a little custom action which is called on the controlEvent of the tree in the Dialog box CustomSetup (where the user can choose the features to install)

(but there is some code to write, is it a problem ?)

I imagine something like that :
When there is a modification in the feature tree, the custom action is called. (DoAction)

This one do something like that :
If 0 < install level of Feature1 <= 100 then
install level of Feature2 = 0
If 0 < install level of Feature2 <= 100 then
install level of Feature1 = 0

I hope you will understand me (my english may be really bad, sorry :cool: )
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