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Level 3

XML config update issue


I imported the XML config in the Installshield and modified few settings and things are works fine for most of the settings. But for the below line, [%thread] text is missing after the installation of msi.


After the installation

Does anyone have idea on this?

Thank you!

Best Regards
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Level 12 Flexeran
Level 12 Flexeran

Are you expecting to see the square bracket, percent sign, and word 'thread'? Because that's not what this requests. The formatted string pattern [%name] looks up an environment variable named name. In order to request the actual bracket, your string should look like [\[]%thread] instead. Note that it would also be a good idea to escape the square bracket before %property{NDC} as well, but apparently Windows Installer can already tell this isn't such a reference.
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