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Write to MSI log file from installscript CA


I have Basic MSI project and using installscript,
Is there a way to directly write to the MSI log files with installscript CA ?
I already tried to use SprintfMsiLog in the installscript but it didn't worked probably since I run it through DoAction events,
Is there a way to make it work ?

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Flexera Alumni

Hi @eladef ,


To write to the MSI log, SprintfMsiLog uses the MsiProcessMessage API. This API does not work from custom actions launched through DoAction events.

Note that custom actions launched by a DoAction ControlEvent can send a message with the Message Method, but cannot send a message with MsiProcessMessage.


For more details:




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And what different type of CA I should use if I still want to use InstallScript and SprintfMsiLog  ?

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