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Windows Vista Folder Permissions


I'm having problems with folder permissions in InstallShield Express 2009. I can create a package, and install runs fine on Vista, but after install when we try to overwrite files to the installation folder in code, it fails, we suspect due to folder and file permissions. If the install installs to the desktop, it works fine and we have permissions, but if we install to "program files", later when we wish to write files to the folder, again, it fails.

How do we force the installation to make sure the folders it creates at installation time allow the user full read/write permissions?

This works fine on XP.

I notice there is a page allowing us to set folder permissions in InstallShield, but it asks for a "Domain" and a "User". However, we wish everyone to have full permissions on the folder after install, so what do we have to set here, or anywhere, to get around this problem?

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In the Vista model you should ideally be writing data into the program data area, but then I prefer to keep stuff all in one place, and having code that behaves differently under XP and Vista is a pain.

What I have done is add Users as the user to the permissions and granted them the permissions I want in the Files Folder.

Using the generic name Users seems to add all the actual users i.e. the Users group on the vista box
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