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Configuring Default Settings for Application Pools

Hi all! I am having a few minor issues w/ configuring IIS and Application Pools and any help/input would be greatly appreciated! This is the situation.....

I have a few setups that require creation and configuration of IIS virtual directories and application pools. For the application pool I have a need to set the "Managed Pipeline Mode" property to 1, meaning Classic (for Vista BTW). However, I cannot find anyway of doing it or anything in the documentation that would lead me to believe this can be easily accomplished in InstallShield..... does anyone know? Also, I am having trouble getting the Anonymous Authentication right for the virtual directories. I need it to be enabled, easy enough, but I don't need the Specific User section to be checked. Rather, I need to use the Application pool identity. It doesn't seem to matter how I configure this setting in InstallShield because it always seems to pick up the default IUSR, rather than the Application pool identity. Does anyone know how I can solve these issues? Thanks in advance! 🙂
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