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Windows Explorer popping up at end of install

This seems to be a new scenario for us since upgrading to IS 2018. After an install or uninstall, there's a short pause, then Windows Explorer pops up, pointing to the Libraries folder. I can't debug this, since it's happening outside of our installer scripting. Is this a thing, or is there a way to track down why it's happening?

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Level 6 Flexeran
Level 6 Flexeran

Do you see this problem for all setups created in InstallShield 2018 or specific to one setup project?

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I don't have any others to compare to.

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Seems to be happening in the ISSetupFilesCleanup action in the UI sequence.

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I am also facing the same type of problem. When I have converted my ism file from IS 2013 to IS 2019, after build and install / Modify / Repair / Remove / Upgrade, on the final screen Finish button click its opening File Explorer window. 

Please let me know how to fix this.



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I am also running into this problem with my project using Installshield2018. After pressing the Finish button at the end of the installation, the File Explorer window pops up.  Don't know how to stop it.  We need to prevent that for our silent automatic installs.  Please let me know how to suppress the opening of the File Explorer window at the end of an installation.


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Hi, Srinivas. I gave up on IS 2019, eventually. The problem seems to have gone away in IS 2020.

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