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Level 4

Custom Action to uninstall third party application

I want my installer(Basic MSI) to uninstall some third party application in that machine and then install my app. I've written a custom script which will launch "msiexec /qn /X{thirdpartyGUID}". When i add this in the user interface sequence my goal is achieved but it fail to uninstall if i run my installer silently using /s

I read that User Interface sequence will not be executed if the setup is run silently. But how to achieve this. Is there any other workaround.
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Level 8

Use the the Upgrade Table:
UpgradeCode = {thirdpartyGUID}
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Can you provide any more detail than adding it to the Upgrade table?  I have a similar situation and I don't quite see how adding a row to the Upgrade table with my 3rd party GUID will make it uninstall.

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