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Why is DEBUG always enabled for custom actions?

I have Basic MSI project with a number of custom actions written in InstallScript. Every time I run the setup, the InstallScript debug window opens at the first line of each function. (So DEBUG and RUN SETUP are behaving the same). I have no breakpoints set.

I have searched exhausively for ways to disable DEBUG, but come up with nothing. I tried creating a very simple project with just a few files and one (immediate) custom action that does nothing other than set a variable, yet the debug window still opens.

As no one else seems to be complaining about this behavior, I even reinstalled IS 12 with SP2, but the DEBUG window still opens.

This is driving me crazy. How can I turn this behavior off?
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re: Why is DEBUG always enabled fpr custom actions?

I have since discovered that the registry setting DebugISCustomActions in HKCU\Software\InstallShield\ISEngine 12.0 was set to 1. I have changed it to 0 and the problem went away.
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