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Level 2

Where can I get the collaboration module

I have IS 11.5 Premier Edition. 🙂
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Level 3


Depending on whether you have 11.5 Windows or MP, you only have to run the corresponding development tool to be able to start using the collaboration module.

i.e. If you had 11.5 Windows, you'd launch Visual Studio (2002 or above), and would be able to create or open InstallShield collaboration projects, add them to your solutions, ...

FYI, 11.5 (Premier and Professional) includes the collaboration module for use on only the system that you installed 11.5. Additional Collaboration licenses may be purchased for other systems. Click here for more information.

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Level 11 Flexeran
Level 11 Flexeran

If (hopefully *when*) you decide to deploy IS Collaboration to the rest of your developers, you'll need to buy some licenses for it above and beyond the single license that's provided with your copy of InstalShield 11.5.


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