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Weird Behavior with MoveFile Table...

Hi all,

I'm having some problems with the MoveFile table during a Maintenance (Modify) install. You can see the issue here.

This thread starts off with DuplicateFile and RemoveFile table issues, which is also puzzling, but I'm focused on the MoveFile table as explained in the comments.

I've attached the image I reference there. The highlighted items work during Maintenance install while the others do not. All work properly during an initial install. These entries are tied to components which in turn on tied to features that are installed conditionally based on the presence of certain versions of a third party app. This is why I need the MoveFile table during install (third party app in place) and Maintenance (third party app updated after installing our product).

When I log the mnt install, I do see the reference to the MoveFile for the highlighted items but nothing for the others. Maybe I should check that the Directories are hashing out correctly from the log.

Please Help!!!
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Level 11

I think I found the MoveFile problem during Mnt installs after examining the install log. Some directories were not populated properly.

I have some actions to reset the install directory, but they were conditioned Not Installed instead of NOT REMOVE="ALL". So, they weren't running during mnt installs. That would also explain why it was working during initial install as well.

Whew - this one had me worried!

I am quick to jump on the forums and always forget the first step to problem resolution - EXAMINE THE LOG!!!

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My RemoveFile issues were due to some poorly or incorrectly conditioned actions. Previously, the actions were conditioned with NOT REMOVE="ALL". This was causing the hashing out of the directories used in the RemoveFile table to be incorrect.

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