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Virtual Directory Creation Order

I have an Installshield 2008 Basic MSI project.
I am trying to install a Web Site with a bunch of virtual directories below it.
When I run the install it fails and backs out all the changes.

From the MSI install log I can see that it creates the Application pools fine, creates the Site fine, and then fails on the creation of the virtual directories.



It creates VD1 fine. From the logs it appears that it is trying to create VD2VD4 before VD2 and that is why it is failing.
Each VD is assigned to a Feature. Each VD is a seperate component, and each VD component is part of one feature.
Is there a way to set the creation order of the virtual directories?
Any help is appreciated.
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Level 3

Follow up:

Found a work around solution.
Each one of the virtual directories had a Component assigned to it.
When I looked at the Components listing in the Installation Designer I noticed that Alphabetically the Component Name that was tied to the Nested Virtual directory fell before the parent Virtual Directory.

On a whim I tried renaming the Virtual Directories so that Alphabetically they fell in order that I needed them installed.
When I recompiled and tried the install I no longer got the error and all virtual directories, including sub vds, got installed correctly.
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