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VBScript error with multiple release flags

Good evening, I am recently working on a basic MSI project. It consists of 3 features, one with x64 Release Flags, one with x86 Release Flags and the last one without Release Flags as these are common libraries. In the main Template Summary field I set "; 0", I created 2 release configurations, one with "X86Flags" on Product Configuration Flags and Template Summary Field overrides to "Intel; 0" and the other with "X64Flags" and Template Summary Field overrides to "x64; 0" ". If I build the version configuration and run the installation, a custom action got an error saying "Error 1720. Script error -2146828275, Microsoft script runtime error: Type Mismatch: 'Session.Property'", but if I remove x64 features, x64 release configuration and set Template Summary Property to "Intel;0" the installation was successfully.

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