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Using a Prerequisite to Version Check

I am building an MSI installation. I am wanting the installer to check the version of a file on the users computer before it does any other operations from the install- meaning even before it runs any other prerequisites. So to do this i have made the version check a prerequisite - in the "Conditions" tab i am having it check if "a file with a certain version exists" - i list the file path and file name to check, and list the version to check for and to "Run the Prereq." if the "file's version is LESS THAN the version specified above ( etc...)".
so therefore if the file version is not found - the prerequisite runs and i have it abort the setup in the "Behavior" tab.
I am not wanting to set any applications to run in the "Application to Run" tab, and I have no files that i want to include in the "Files to Include" tab.
However, I have found that if i DO NOT include any files in the "Files to Include" tab, when i build the release in the Release Wizard -( when i get to the "InstallShield Prerequisites" page) - i only have the option to "Download Prerequisites from the Web". The ONLY way to get the option to be available to "Extract prerequisites from Setup.exe" is to include a file for the prerequisite - this wouldnt be a huge problem... However - when i run the install and the file is NOT found, a popup containing that file i include covers up the error message and the installation screen. THIS is a big problem, i can easily seeing the users having no idea what to do at this point, and not knowing what the popup means. And really all that needs to be done by the user would be to close the popup in order to see why the installation failed. However i want to know if there is some way to PREVENT this popup all together? or make it at least so it does not popup over the top of all the messageboxes??

Maybe this should all be done as a custom action? if so - do you have any recommendations of how that should be created? and where it should be put? (if this is the best solution please be specific, i am not very familiar with custom actions at all)

Thank you so much for the response - this is the last thing holding up a very lengthy install! 🙂
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Level 17

Try this: Select your release in the Releases view. On the Setup.exe tab, in the InstallShield Prerequisites Location setting, select one of the copy or extract options. If you do that, your prerequisite does not need to include that one unneeded file. I don't think there's any sort of pop-up when you try this method.
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Level 5

thank you so much! we were able to stop the pop up!
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