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Level 8

Using _TransformView to view the registry Table

How can I view the Registry Table of a transform? I can only get a couple of columns to show using:

Set oInstaller = CreateObject("WindowsInstaller.Installer")
Set Database = oInstaller.OpenDatabase(, 0)
Database.ApplyTransform , 256
Set oView = Database.OpenView("SELECT * FROM `_TransformView` WHERE `Table`='Registry' AND `Column`='Key'")
Set oView = Database.OpenView("SELECT `Row`,`Data` FROM `_TransformView` WHERE `Table`='Registry' AND `Column`='Key'")

Set rec = oView.Fetch
If rec Is Nothing Then Exit Do
msgbox rec.StringData(0) & vbcrlf & rec.StringData(1) & vbcrlf & rec.StringData(2) & vbcrlf &_
rec.StringData(3) & vbcrlf & rec.StringData(4) & vbcrlf &rec.StringData(5)
I need to retrieve the Registry, Root, Key, Name, and Value from the Registry Table
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Level 8

Figured out a way; but I would welcome any simpler way to grab the Registry Table info
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Level 6


Did you use Orca?

Archive: How to Edit an MST File with Orca

As far as I know, this is the simplest way to do so.
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