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User Account Control (UAC) window dont show the product name, but "setup"

We have changed the project type from "InstallScript" to "InstallScript MSI". When you start the installation, the Windows User Account Control (UAC) window no longer shows the product name, but "setup". How can we achieve the old behavior? I want to see my product name in the UAC window.

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Hi @dittmann,


In general, User Account Control (UAC) window doesn't show the product name. It shows the executable name.

I think, in Installscript project the setup is built with different name. so that it shows the custom name there.

Installscript msi also having the option to give the custom name to the setup under the product configuration in Releases view.

Setup File Name

Basic MSI, InstallScript MSI

Specify the file name—without the .exe file extension—that InstallShield should use for the setup launcher file that it generates at build time. If this setting is blank, InstallShield uses the default value of Setup, and the setup launcher file is called Setup.exe.

Now in InstallShield 2019, you have the ability to customize the original file name property which is located in (Right Click>Properties>Details) for setup.exe.

You can also include the value of a property from the Property Table in this field. For example, you could enter any of the following properties:





If you entered setup[ProductVersion], it would result in a setup named setup14.10.1234.exe, for example.

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Hello @banna_k ,

thank you for the quick response. But I have to disagree. The UAC window shows the product name. Please look at the attached image. The started file is called setup.exe and the project type is "InstallScript".

"InstallShield MSI": I know the Product Configuration under Release View. Unfortunately the setting "Product Name" has no influence on what the UAC window shows. It only changes the display under right mouse click on setupt.exe, Properties and Details.




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Hi @dittmann:

Looks like this information is coming from the digitally signed publisher name. 

Can you check after digitally signing your newly built setup, or is it already signed ?  

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