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Use of WINDIR in Installscript Project

There have been other posts on this forum about the use of WINDR or WindowsFolder in IS projects. Many times when a machine is access via Citrix or Terminal Services or RDP, an IS project during an install will have problems properly resolving the WINDIR variable. Instead of yielding c:\windows it will yield c:\users\abc\windows where users\abc is the HOME DIRECTORY for the user logged on via RDP.
An alternative is to use the WindowsFolder directive. But, I have not been able to figure out who to use it in an InstallScript project. For example, here is a line of code from a script ..

svParams = "/u /s " + WINDIR ^ "Crystal\\CRUFLmfive.dll";

I have tried various methods to use WindowsFolder instead. It will show up as if it is a reserved word, but I can not get the script to properly compile using WindowsFolder.

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Looking further, it appears, as I thought, that you cannot use WindowsFolder in a Installscript project. You must use WINDIR.
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