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Level 3

Use MsiSelectionTreeSelectedFeature in CustomSetup dialog

Hi there,

I have a setup with several feature and some of them installs Windows Services and other installs web sites.
Using the original CustomSetup, when selecting a feature that installs a web site, a "Install to" location appears (normally poiting to c:\inetput\wwwroot).

I need to use MsiSelectionTreeSelectedFeature to get the selected feature in the SelectionTree so that I can hide that location textbox.
I've tried to use subscriptions, conditions and other means but I was unable to achieve the behaviour I need 😞

However, on the logs I see that the property is set everytime I select a different feature.

What can be my mistake?

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Level 7

Set the visible to false that will hide the location
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Level 3

Set the visible to false that will hide the location

That does not change accordingly with the selected feature.
I found out the solution: we must use the SetProperty event on the Tree to set a property.
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