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Upgrade/reinstall application Installshield LE


I'm using Visual Studio 2013 with Installshield LE. After initial build and installation of my application, the subsequent runs of the installer show the maintenance dialog window where I can change, repair or uninstall my application. When I rebuild the InstallShield project inside Visual Studio, the new built installer does not open with the maintenance dialog window. Instead It says I have to first uninstall the application manually before I can install the new application.

The product code and upgrade code didn't change. Also its the same version of the application. I have to change the product code to automatically uninstall and install the new application. Has this something to do with the package code?

It doesn't help, if I copy the old package code to the Setup.ini file. Is there a work around to rebuild the exact same installer?
Appreciate any help.
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Level 7 Flexeran
Level 7 Flexeran

That message occurs if you are running the MSI with different package code. It is not recognized as the same package and it is not an upgrade. Ideally, you will want to run the same package you installed with to perform maintenance.
The Generate Package Code option in the releases view changes the package code every time you build. I think that cannot be disabled in the limited edition.
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