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Upgrade installed product created with IS Pro 6 with installer created with IS 2014??

Hi All,

we have installer created with Install Shield professional 6.x and is deployed at various client locations.
now we moved to Install Shield 2014. we created new InstallScript MSI project and recreated installer.

but when new installer is executed it doesn't detect & upgrade old installation.
in Upgrade table, we can't mention any upgrade code since IS6.x do not have upgrade code.

is there any way to upgrade already installed product?
can anyone shed some light on how to upgrade previous installation created with ISP6.x

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Level 8

In principle IS Prof 6 is a pure InstallScript project type.

Your new InstallScript MSI project type uses MSI as "installation technology".

If you want to upgrade you should also create a "InstallScript" project type in IS 2014.
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Level 2

Thanks MarkusLatZ for replying

when we converted IS Pro6 project in IS2014, it was converted to "InstallScript" project
but we couldn't find any option, which can be used for Major/Minor Upgrades.

so we created "Install Script MSI" so that we should be able to release Major Upgrades in future.

is there anyway we can create Major Upgrades in "Install Script" projects?

Thanks in advance
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