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I use a InstallShield 2010 Premier SP1.

I created a really cool installation package, but:

1. Why in setup file properties is indicated a file version /red arrow/, if version of my software is (for example)?

1.1. Why as copyright is indicated the Acresso Software?

How to change/remove these lines of properties?

2. In which method I can remove a unneeded dialog windows from my installation? (namely - see pictures)
It is very light software that contain only three files and several register values, thus - I do not need separation to complete/custom installation types.

Thank you in advance!!!
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The following help topic explains the settings that are used to configure the information for the Setup.exe Properties dialog box:
Customizing File Properties for the Setup Launcher

Note that some of that functionality was added in InstallShield 2011, so it won't be available to you if you are still using InstallShield 2010.

To remove the SetupType dialog from your run time, you'll need to comment out or remove the call to the SetupType function. To do this: Open the InstallScript view, and make sure that the Setup.rul file is selected. In the left drop-down list above the script, select Before Move Data. In the right drop-down list, select OnFirstUIBefore. Then find the call to the SetupType function (or to other variants such as SetupType2), and comment them out or remove them. Be sure that you adjust the "if (nResult = BACK)" lines to ensure that your BACK and NEXT logic works correctly.
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